That Song…

…it inevitably reminds me of you. It drags me back to that seemingly endless moment, bringing back memories so vivid it’s hard to believe that’s all they are.

It was a Sunday. I was wearing black, how ironically convenient… The door bell rang, my mother called my name; there was something so ominous in her voice it sent shivers down my spine. The sight of the three of them, looking so much older than they should have; we were kids. Their words sent me into a semi-histeric laughter at first as my mind struggled to wrap itself around the idea . Then tears started running… and they just kept coming.

I spent the whole day in my room playing that particular song. I remembered you so clearly then; hearing that song I still do today. You lying with you head in my lap, looking up at me, smiling… your eyes, your hair, you voice…

We’re not kids anymore; life has by now thrown us curveballs far beyond anything we could have imagined back then. And we thought life was hard then.

I wonder what you’d say now, all these years later, about what pushed you over. Would it still matter enough to give your life up for it? Or would you be here, lying with your head in my lap, laughing at how silly we were back then?

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Can you hear me, can you hear me,
through the dark night, far away…

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